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Horse and Hound Borzoi was born out of a "love at first sight" experience with these magnificent animals in the 1980's.  I promised myself then that they would one day become a part of my life.  My other passion is horses ~ foxhunting in particular ~ and the Borzoi breed goes hand in hand with my riding to hounds aboard my wonderful Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbred-crosses in the Arapahoe Hunt in Denver, CO. 

In the mid 1990's, I met Trudi Jensen of Hounds Of Cazimir.  Thus began a friendship which resulted in my being introduced to owning, showing and loving many wonderful Borzoi. 
Horse And Hound would not even exist without the inspiration and un-ending support of
Jim and JoAnn Alford of Alfora Hounds.  Countless hours spent with them made the possibility of my dream kennel come true! 
Cricket Murray of Kansai Kennels in North Carolina provided me with my foundation bitch some years ago ~ CH. Kansai'z Ride Of The Valkyrie, or "Val."  I count Cricket among my best friends and value her critical advice and guidance, especially in my breeding program.
Amy Sorbie, of Kyrov, has been a strong presence and voice of "Borzoi Intellect" along the way,
as well as a great traveling buddy.
And, finally, it is Cydni Schroeder who has provided much needed levity and perspective in all of life's challenges, including dog shows.  My trips to the BCOA Nationals over the years and countless dog shows have made me many friends and introduced me to countless gorgeous examples of our Borzoi breed.
The farm is located approximately 15 minutes south of the Wyoming/Colorado border
and two miles east
of I-25, the major interstate that runs north and south through Colorado.  We are approximately 75 miles north of Denver.  The farm consists of 40 acres of scrub grass. yucca amd cactus; prime country for the jackrabbits that continuely entertain the hounds!  We are in the process of designing new exercise areas for the hounds while leaving considerable grazing acreage for the horses.  Horse And Hound Borzoi looks forward to many more years of showing, breeding and being with these fabulous animals! 
Thanks so much for visiting the Horse And Hound Borzoi web site (which is still under construction, so check back often!), and I invite you to contact me any time to discuss the Borzoi breed and make inquiries as to dogs and horses that we may have available..

Pamela Buffington
P.O Box 716
Wellington, CO   80549
E-Mail: Horseandhoundborzoi@gmail.com



CH. Kansai'z Ride Of The Valkyrie

CH. Cazimir's Irish Treasure

 CH. Horse And Hound Ballymaloo

Cazimir's Roth Golovika

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